SCC Equipment

Borrowing SCC Equipment.

Club kit can be borrowed by SCC members.  As a priority it needs to be available for club meets but if it’s not needed individual club members are welcome to borrow it.  To arrange a loan please contact the gear secretary (Jo Payne) via FaceBook or email (, letting us know what you need, when and for how long.  We just ask that you look after it please.

Caring for and Checking Equipment.

Below are some brief notes on looking after and checking the equipment that you borrow (and your own!).  More detailed advice can be found in the BMC Care & Maintenance leaflet.

With Swanage and Portland being our closest climbing destinations we need to be aware of exposing the equipment to salt water.  Avoid dangling climbing and abseil ropes in rock pools! When returning ropes please make sure they are dry. If you really can’t dry the rope out please return it promptly and tell the gear secretary that it needs drying out.  Use the mats in the rope bags to put the rope on instead of the ground to keep it clean. When you pack the rope away ensure the rope bag is free of debris as this can be abrasive.

When abseiling please consider whether an abseil rope protector is needed over the cliff edge to stop it from rubbing.

Visually check equipment for corrosion; kinks; broken metal strands; gates that don’t open smoothly; cams that don’t have full range of motion or furry slings and quick draws.  If you find anything you’re concerned about or a piece of equipment becomes damaged or lost whilst you’re using it please let us know.

Thank you and happy climbing.

SCC committee.

Disclaimer:  The SCC equipment is borrowed and used at your own risk.  Whilst we do our utmost to keep the equipment in good condition it is ultimately your responsibility to decide if you are happy to use it.

Last updated: 8/1/18
Ab Ropes 1 x black
1 x rigging rope
1 x 60m red/white
Protectors 4 x Ab rope protectors
Climbing Ropes 2 x 60m single
2 x half ropes 60m (Edelweiss Oxygen II 8.2mm)
Trad Rack Nuts 1-10
Nuts 3-10
Hexes 3-9
Hexes 3-7
10 x quick draws
7 x small screw gates
3 x large screw gate
Slings 4 x flat red slings
2 x flat black slings
5 x thin slings
Harnesses 4 x adult harnesses
1 x whole body kids harness
1 x waist kids harness
Helmets 3 x kids helmets
5 x adult helmets
Miscellaneous Ice axes x 3
Crampons x 2
Clip stick x 1
2 x belay devices
11 x prusiks
1 x boulder mat
1 x first aid kit
Walkie talkies x 4
3 x rope bags
2 x survival bag
1 x club marquee
1 x dead man