Photo of Simon Powell
Simon Powell
Photo of Catherine Boeree
Catherine Boeree
Photo of Ruth Holland
Ruth Holland

I started climbing as a teenager but dropped it once I started work, in hindsight, a big mistake. I restarted climbing again in 2019, initially, indoor bouldering. Roped climbing soon followed in 2021, both indoor and outdoor, which is when I decided to join SCC and meet like minded climbers, and I have never regretted it. My favourite style is definitely trad. I love the challenge and technical aspect of placing good gear and anchor building.

Photo of Jo Payne
Jo Payne
Meet Secretary
Photo of Sophie Taylor
Sophie Taylor
Social Secretary
In 2020 I decided to pick up climbing properly and having moved to Southampton in August I joined SCC. Within a month I had been taken on my first outdoor day and went on a lead belaying course! I’ve been climbing multiple times a week since then and at meets all around the country. We are a friendly bunch so come and say hello!
Photo of Rosalie Rogers
Rosalie Rogers
Social Secretary

I started climbing consistently in 2020 when I had more free time due to working from home. I’d tried if before and always enjoyed it but none of my friends were interested, which is why joining SCC has been so great! Along with meeting other climbers, I have been able to climb in some beautiful places like Cornwall and North Wales through attending the club meets, and have learned so much from others and through the training sessions.

Photo of Sanja Barkovic
Sanja Barkovic
Training Secretary

I started climbing in 2011, first by bouldering indoors and then moving to outdoor sport, bouldering and finally trad. Trad quickly became my favourite as every climb takes you to a new adventure on rock, particularly on multi-pitch routes. I had brilliant support from the SCC learning the ropes and wouldn’t have had the confidence to do half the things I do now without them.

Photo of Tim Cottee
Tim Cottee
Byte Wrangler and Bot Herder

My earliest climbing experience was apparently at the age of three somewhere in the Gower, I probably haven’t improved much since then but have managed to drag myself up a few routes across this country and others in all seasons (sometimes all in the same day).

Photo of Matt Batchelor
Matt Batchelor
Gear Secretary

I’ve been climbing since 2015, and although the intervening years haven’t done much for my grade, climbing has taken me to fantastic places all over the UK, and occasionally further afield. I’m at my happiest when I’ve just found a great gear placement

Photo of Will Purslow
Will Purslow
New members secretary

I began climbing with indoor bouldering in 2017 and joined the club in 2021. The club really helped me gain the confidence to lead trad and sport climbs. The range of meets the club organises really gave me the opportunity to dive into the diversity of climbing the UK has to offer.