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Cornwall Meet Report – July 2022

Kernow a'gas dynergh

Welcome to Cornwall!

Over thirty SCC members made the journey west for our annual Cornwall meet. Yet again we were rewarded with week-long sunshine, turquoise seas, golden granite, and ninja seagulls - we really do have the best luck!

One of the great things about climbing in Cornwall (apart from the cream teas) is the sheer variety on offer. Whilst the amazingly grippy granite is the predominant rock type, there is plenty of niche geology for those seeking a more crimpy experience - killas slate, amphibiolite, and greenstone are all superb. It’s possible to spend the entire day climbing one route, whether that’s enjoying the multi-pitch experiences of Commando Ridge and Lands End Long Climb, or headpointing E-grade testpieces. It’s all there, and more besides - and SCC like to make the most of it!

Over the course of the week we had everything from first trad leads; instructor-led training in multi-pitching and pushing the grade; E3 headpoints (and even an E4 onsight); sunset ascents of Commando Ridge; dawn raids for the cooler conditions; sweaty afternoon epics on Bosigran; big waves at Sennen; little waves at Lands End; and all around us friends and sunshine and seaside.

The water was definitely a welcome refreshment. Teams of swimmers headed out most days - exploring the secluded tidal rock-pools, doing laps at the beach, and jumping around in the surf. When the waves got going, the surfers were out doing their thing; and when the swell subsided an intrepid team of coasteerers journeyed around the cliffs and inlets - including surprising visitors when popping up near the beautiful Minack Theatre.

Of course, no holiday is complete without a good feast too! Cream teas featured high on the agenda, with the amazing Rosemergy’s tea rooms near Bosigran always a popular post-climb refreshment stop. Fish and chips on the beach became fish baps and onion rings after the Sennen chippy inexplicably developed a shortage, but nevertheless good times were had playing games and enjoying the spectacular sunset.

As became our tradition last year (even outside of Cornwall), our morning ‘pasty meet’ was a regular fixture - for some an excuse to actually eat pasties for breakfast! But more generally we've found it a good chance for everyone to share their plans for the day, team up for lift sharing to the crag and buddy up for climbing.
(n.b. although a remarkable number of pasties were consumed by SCC, a few lucky seagulls gave us a run for our money too - capitalising on open rucksacks and inattentive eaters... lessons were learned)

All in all, it was another fantastic week! With the hopeful return of the La Frowda festival in 2023 we will definitely be continuing our annual Cornwall pilgrimage.

Until next summer - Yeghes da!

Cornwall - Bosigran - Sunset

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