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10:00 am - 8:00 pm


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Haven’t got much (or any) experience outside? Join us in August for our beginners on rock day.

This will be a chance to try out your rock shoes outside with some of the more experienced members of the club. We will adapt the day to suit the people there, so there can be different elements e.g.:

what it feels like to be on rock and testing how sticky your shoes are.

Trying out top ropes outside and just giving it a go.

Introduction to sport climbing.

Sport leading for people that have been outside before but not yet led outside.



It is likely to be in Swanage – though exact venue depends on the weather.


Nearer the time we can sort out car shares for all.

What to expect

A bunch of people playing on rock! This is a chance to get to know outdoor climbing, so it’s going to be at your own pace. There will be friendly and more experienced climbers there to provide advice and talk you through some of the techniques, safety, general consideration for crags… and of course to climb with you.

I think cake and tea will also be in order as well as the pub after.

What to bring

Please bring a few essentials with you;

  • a packed lunch
  • harness
  • helmet
  • rock shoes
  • clothing appropriate for the weather – recommend wind proof and rain proof options.
  • water

Desirables items to bring;

  • chalk bag
  • thermos of hot drink

If you don’t have any of the items, e.g. helmet, let us know as we have a couple spare in the club that we can bring for you if you need it. Let us know via FAO Issy and Andrew.


We really hope that you can join us! Sign up to book on!

PS – experienced members – please book on too to give us some more hands and join us for a day on the crag!


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