Photos of plastic pollution on beach

Chessel Bay Beach Clean with Nurdle


10:00 am - 7:00 pm


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Chessel Bay Nature Reserve
Quayside Road, Southampton, SO19

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Plastic pollution & litter is a persistent problem in the modern world, and nowhere does that seem to be more evident than along our beaches and waterways. As an outdoor-focussed climbing club we enjoy spending time up hills, on crags and in the woods – and benefit from the wholesome human experience of being out in the natural world – so clearly we want to do our part to look after it. That’s why we’re starting with some local action.

After looking for places we could make a real impact on our own doorstep, we were helpfully directed towards Nurdle who have been developing tools & technology to help clean up some of this mess, as well as organising beach cleans and are now even upcycling some of those same microplastics into useful phone cases.

Unfortunately being an area that’s busy with shipping transport and plastics factories, parts of Southampton and the surrounding waterfronts suffer more than most with this type of contamination.

Chessel Bay is one of, if not the worst, hit areas for plastic pollution in the UK and desperately needs a good clean.

Ref : Nurdle on Facebook

So we’re joining Nurdle for the next of their scheduled events at Chessel Bay in Southampton to lend some SCC muscle!

With the kind support of Boulder Shack we’ll gather there for free tea/coffee and biscuits after the beach clean.

If you’re a member and planning to join, please sign up here so we can get an accurate idea of numbers and keep you up to date.

If you’re interested in getting involved but aren’t currently an SCC member, you can contact us for more info or get in touch with Nurdle directly. They have a host of other dates they’re planning to be down at Chessel Bay – see here for more


P.S. Curious what a “nurdle” is? They’re small pellets of plastic used as the precursor to many of the plastic goods you use on a daily basis. See Wikipedia for more info.


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