Dorset Day Climb – October 2017


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Cheyne Weares Area - Dungecroft Quarry
Cheyne Wears Car Park, Portland

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By popular demand, join us for a day of climbing at the local Dorset crags!

After the success of the last Portland meet (and at the request of a number of members) we are running another day climbing session on Portland.  This will be sport based meet and is free for all members, whether you are just venturing outside or are trying to crack the next grade!

Please sign up below so that we can get an idea of numbers and so that you can stay up to date with any changes of plan or venue


We are aiming, once again, to head to Portland – the intended crag being Dungecroft Quarry in Cheyne Wears.  This depends on weather and may change nearer the time – If it is a wash out, we are likely to head for an indoor wall for anyone interested.

Dungecroft Quarry has a good range of routes graded between 2+ to 6b, with a few harder routes for those looking to push their grades.  It is also a short walk from all of the crags in the Cheyne Wears Area for those looking for something different.

Portland is an area that is bolted and maintained by the Dorset Bolt Fund.  The Dorset Bolt Fund is funded by donations from local climbers and 100% of the donations go towards equipping routes and ensuring safe and easy access.


We will be looking for members to organise lifts with each other and there will be a Facebook group nearer the time to help organise this.  Anyone who cannot find a lift can get in contact with us at

What to expect

A bunch of people playing on rock!  For those who are first venturing outside, this is a chance to get to know outdoor climbing at a friendly crag. There will be helpful and more experienced climbers there to provide advice and talk you through some of the techniques, safety, general consideration for crags… and of course to climb with you.

For those more experienced members, it is a great chance to climb with the rest of the club and meet other members.  Come down and get some distance on rock!  

This will be followed by the traditional visit to the Cove House pub for an evening pint

What to bring

Please bring a few essentials with you;

  • Lunch
  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • Rock Shoes
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather – recommend wind proof and rain proof options.
  • Water

Desirables items to bring;

  • Chalk bag
  • Thermos of hot drink
  • Rope
  • Quickdraws

If you don’t have any of the items, e.g. helmet, let us know as we have a couple spare in the club that we can bring for you if you need it. Let us know via

We really hope that you can join us! Sign up to book on!


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