Eco Farm Avon Meet


09/03/2018 - 11/03/2018    
6:00 pm


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5 Boiling Wells Lane, St. Werburghs, Bristol, BS2 9XY

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Welcome to our first Enneywevers meet, providing access to a multitude of climbing options and walking distance from pubs!


Avon Climbing

If you haven’t been yet this is a beautiful place, and one we don’t often visit as a club (thanks to the feedback on the member survey!) There is a lot of trad, single and multi-pitch up to 80 meters. 

Cheddar Climbing 

Cheddar Gorge and Fairy Caves is slightly further away than Avon but still very close. There is a range of sport across the beautiful gorge and single pitch trad in Fairy Caves (access codes are provided for fairy caves – if you don’t have details please ask people while on the meet to get access codes)

Indoor Climbing and Pubs

Despite being situated in a green an isolated place, we are rather central and walking distance from two indoor walls and pubs, incase anyone wants to be inside.



The Enneywevers eco farm is quite a unique place. It’s a venue that feels isolated when you are there but walking distance to town pubs and walls. It is more expensive than some of our other meets, however the venue is quite special for those that like something rather different.



We have booked their 3 huts, accommodating 8 people. These are tin huts with wood burners and are rather cosy. Important note – they are all double beds, if you book on please be aware that you will be sharing with someone else – be that top and tailing or anything that makes you comfortable. You may wish to pre arrange your shared accommodation with another member and book on together.


Alternatively there is also space to camp and park vans, if you would like to do this you can arrange your own booking directly with the site. Please say that you are part of the Southampton Climbing Club group that are using the huts, just so they know  

(please let us know via the facebook event that you are joining us as a camper)

Facilities and Eating

There are solar powered and electric showers. There is also a solar powered steam room, however we can not vouch for it being open and working on that weekend. Fo more info please see –   

Food will be cooked in the outdoor kitchen on Saturday evening, which will be fun! (there is a roof)



You will need access codes and instructions – these will be sent out just before the meet to those booked on via the event page. If you have booked camping with them directly, they will provide this information directly for you.

Going full Eco?

There is some talk of cycling and having a full eco weekend – watch/post in the facebook event (when up) for discussion.



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