Outdoor Gear Sale/Exchange


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


St Denys Boat Club
Priory Avenue, Southampton, ​Hampshire, SO17 2LT

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This year at the AGM we are again having an outdoor gear exchange. So dust off any clothes or kit that you no longer use and give them a new lease of life to fellow SCC members! To ensure we get the best out of it please follow these rules:

  • Up to 10 items per person maximum
  • If it is clothes they must be clean
  • Be honest about kit condition and history
  • No textile PPE allowed at all. This includes slings, harnesses, ropes etc.

Once you arrive to the AGM this will be the format:

  • People with kit to sell please arrive between 6-6.15pm so we set up before the AGM is due to start.
  • There will be paper tags with string to attach to each item. On this tag write your name, price you want for the item (This could be in £s, listed as free or if you want to exchange it for something)
  • Have your kit in a bag (like a bag for life) to keep your things tidy and together. Leave on the table we have for kit swap. Please no swapping at this point!
  • *Important AGM chats ensue whilst we wait patiently for a break*
  • During the break let the kit swap begin! If you find a bit of kit you like then see who it belongs to on the label and go and find them.
  • Organise how the person would like compensated for the item amongst yourselves. SCC will let individuals decide what is the best format here.
  • If you have picked up an item and aren’t purchasing it please put it back in the correct spot.
  • Take home any of your own items that haven’t sold.
  • Be happy with your new kit or clearer wardrobe!

Another reminder if you haven’t already please sign up for the AGM (so we know how much pizza to buy!) AGM 2023 – Southampton Climbing Club

P.S. Image was AI generated so may have some not so normal outdoor gear in the image!