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Isle of Portland
Isle of Portland, Dorset

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Not just for beginners!  Open to everyone

Haven’t been climbing outside yet? Or maybe you have only been once or twice?

If you’ve ever wondered why we come back from meets with big smiles on our faces, you just have to try this. Come and join us at Portland for a day of finding out what being on real rock is all about. We will have a whole day of ‘giving it a go’. It’ll be quite a relaxed one with plenty of chance to ask for hints and tips. It’s simply a chance to practice real outdoor climbing on the south coast.

It’s a beautiful place to start to learn. There will be loads of us there setting up top ropes and providing guidance. We can run through specific skills people may want to learn more about such as technique, leading and safety essentials.

Please sign up below so that we can get an idea of numbers and so that you can stay up to date with any changes of plan or venue

Dorset Bolt Fund

Portland is an area that is bolted and maintained by the Dorset Bolt Fund.  The Dorset Bolt Fund is funded by donations from local climbers and 100% of the donations go towards equipping routes and ensuring safe and easy access


We are heading for The Veranda, Battleship.  The Veranda has a large number of easier routes suitable for many of the club.  Battleship itself also has an excellent selection of climbs for those looking to climb something a littler harder. 

There are over 30 people planning on coming to this event, so it would be excellent if a number of club members could spread out and explore Battleship.  We should be concious about swarming the Veranda completely as other climbers will be looking to climb in the area.

We will meet in the Grangecroft car park on the edge of Weston https://goo.gl/maps/rtMg8yVc6Xn – Just a warning, it is a pay-for car park!


We will be looking for members to organise lifts with each other and there will be a Facebook group nearer the time to help organise this.  Anyone who cannot find a lift can get in contact with us at sotonclimb@gmail.com

What to bring

Please bring a few essentials with you;

  • Lunch
  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • Rock Shoes
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather – recommend wind proof and rain proof options.
  • Water

Desirables items to bring;

  • Chalk bag
  • Thermos of hot drink
  • Rope
  • Quickdraws

If you don’t have any of the items, e.g. helmet, let us know as we have a couple spare in the club that we can bring for you if you need it. Let us know via sotonclimb@gmail.com

See you there!




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