Southern Sandstone Meet


29/09/2023 - 01/10/2023    
All Day


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Hook Farm Campsite
Hook Lane, West Hoathly, Sussex, RH19 4PT

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This meet will be suitable for all members with any climbing experience, even if you have not climbed outdoors before. There’s a variety of bouldering and top-rope climbing close to the campsite.


Climbing at the Southern Sandstone is a sociable and fun day out, there’s something here for everyone from beginners to experienced climbers alike, and the style of climbing is quite unique compared to many other venues. The nature of the rock means that all routes are climbed on top-rope (except the bouldering) so they’re very approachable. But for the hardcore, the tougher routes are very much not to be under-estimated.

“Beautiful and unique rock architecture which provides challenging climbing across the grades is the stand out feature of this incredibly popular South East crag. The intricacy of movement its routes require and stunning woodland setting transport you into another world and it’s easy to imagine you’re a character in a folk tale long ago as you wander around below the crag. As with all southern sandstone, leader placed protection cannot be used because of the soft nature of the rock and whilst this might be a little unusual for us trad obsessed Brits, you will quickly get into the top-roping zone and come to appreciate the fine climbing on offer. ” – BMC


We will be staying Friday & Saturday night at Hook Farm Campsite which is within a short drive of the best Southern Sandstone outcrops. The campsite has basic facilities (but no showers).

You must book your own accommodation at the campsite, which you can do online. Please quote the reference “Camping with Southampton Climbing Club” in the extra information of the booking form which you can find at the link below to notify them that you’re part of our group.

Please also book on to this event so we can see who is attending.

Special Considerations

Sandstone rock is delicate and can be easily damaged by rubbing ropes, so there is a strong ethic of top-roping or soloing climbs only. When setting up ropes every effort should be made NOT to damage the rock. Please spend a few minutes to watch the short videos from the BMC below, and have a read of the Sandstone Code of Practice before attending this meet.

Being Mindful

For those new to outdoor climbing – We are given access to many crags by land owners, and are expected to treat the land with respect. Please be mindful of any litter (you will see many of us picking up and taking litter home, to help keep the area clear). There are generally no toilets once we are at the crag so please be prepared for this, there is however a toilet available at the Harrison’s Rocks car park and at Bowles Rocks.


As climbing on the Sandstone is top-roping or soloing/bouldering, you don’t need to bring much kit. Here are the essentials…

  • Climbing shoes
  • Small towel or carpet for cleaning your shoes before climbing
  • Climbing harness
  • Helmet
  • Your own chalk/tape (liquid chalk if possible)
  • Slings (for extending your rope over the edge of the crag)
  • Static rope – not all climbs have bolts at the top so you may have to use tree belays – 15-20m should be adequate with rope protectors
  • Climbing rope – this can be dynamic or static (better) 30m will cover most climbs
  • Screwgate carabiners for rigging.
  • Boulder mat – if bouldering
  • Pack lunch & water
  • Layers – just in case
  • Waterproof – just in case
  • Sturdy pair of walking/approach shoes
  • Personal first aid kit

Check out this guide to equipment for more information


Where possible, please consider car sharing to minimise the environmental impact of your journey.


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