Swanage/Portland Meet


18/09/2021 - 19/09/2021    
All Day


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Portland Sport Climbing , suggestion Blacknor North, but refer to the Facebook event for latest venue and meet-up.


Swanage Trad Climing, Subluminal and Boulder Ruckle. Subluminal is non tidal and Boulder Ruckle will be available until 5.30pm, or all day near marmolata buttress, so its a good day to try out some sea cliff climbing.

Subluminal is suitable for beginners but ensure that you are proficient at abseiling and  always use a prussic and helment. Top toping is possible if you don’t have a leader.

Boulder Ruckle is, albeit one of the finest sea cliffs in England,  a serious undertaking. Try and find yourself someone who has lead climbered there before  if it is your first foray. And be prepared for loose topouts. There are however numerous stake belays in both cliffs.

Meet at Durlston Head parking at 10.30am


UPDATE  – Please sign up so we can notify you if anyone tests positive for Covid-19


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