Multi-Wall Competition

Running from May 1st to May 31st at
Boulder ShackCalshotParthianRed SpiderGolden Gecko

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Welcome to the first ever SCC Multi-Wall Competition! We’re super-psyched to bring you a month-long competition bonanza.  With a great selection of routes there should be something for everyone!

There will be 5 routes set at each of the following walls: Boulder Shack, Calshot, Golden Gecko, Parthian, and Red Spider. The routes have been set by the walls themselves so expect some interesting challenges. Just look out for the SCC tags and / or route ID cards:

A sample route tag

The multi-wall competition runs for the whole of May – routes may be tried and logged at any point during this month. Side note that Bouldershack routes will be available from the 5th of May.

There will be both roped routes AND bouldering routes, set over a wide selection of grades so that everyone has something to try and something to challenge them.

It is a fun comp but there are still some basic rules. Scoring will be done on a redpoint system – you get points for tops only so you must get to the top! You can have multiple tries but the more attempts it takes the fewer points you will score. So make sure you remember the number of tries especially if it is over multiple sessions! A top is considered when you have 2 hands on the final hold. An attempt is considered when both feet are lifted off the ground and ends either when you fall off or finish the route! This means once you fall off the route that is an attempt and you must start from the beginning again. It is a self scored competition so please log climbs accurately.

There will be five categories for the comp: U12, 13-17 male, 13-17 female, 18 and over male and 18 and over female. The top scorers in each category may win a small prize in addition to the everlasting fame and glory...

There is no fee to enter the comp, but we ask that you consider making a voluntary donation to the DEC Ukraine appeal using the following link:

Anyone can take part – you do not need to be an SCC member to have a go, but entrance to climbing venues may be cheaper with an SCC discount!

We will be using the Vertical Life app for the comp. Please follow the link below (click the image) to access the SCC comp on Vertical Life's Competition Scorecard site and log your ascents:

Finally, we'd love to see photos of you having a go, so if you can find a friend to take some snaps of your moments of glory (or otherwise) then post them on social media with the hashtag #SCCmultiwallcomp