President’s Update – Summer 2022

Hello to our lovely SCC members and welcome to my Summer 2022 update.

Before turning to the summer ahead, it falls upon me to share the heart-breaking news that we lost one of our own in May this year. As many of you know, Richard Dodds was the organisational powerhouse who, as first Club Secretary, set up many of the systems and policies we still use behind the scenes today.

Whilst it is my belief that the club would never have made it off the ground without the vision and determination of Chris, the club’s first President and Richard’s long-term partner - without Richard’s support and encouragement, positive outlook and record-keeping genius, the club may have stayed forever a dream. Therefore, each of us owe Richard a debt of gratitude for the existence of our wonderful club.

If you would like to honour Richard, Chris is running the London Marathon in his name, with sponsorship going towards Age Concern UK - a charity very close to Richard’s heart as a dedicated Geriatrician and researcher into age-related conditions. The Just Giving page can be found here

Turning to happier events, the summer has got off to a great start with the yearly Cornwall climbing extravaganza – the photos certainly paint a joyful picture of epic climbing, beach BBQs and cream teas. Check out the meet report here. If you couldn’t make it, we will be back next year, so I highly recommend putting some holiday aside now – you will not be disappointed!

A lucky few of you are gearing up to head off to the Peak District, where we've also got some expert training in “Declumsification” of your climbing - from the legend that is Mr Johnny Dawes. I look forward to seeing you show off your amazing footwork technique and hands-free climbing at the next meet ☺

Speaking of which, we have loads coming up – check out the Meets/Events page for a full list, and as always keep an eye on the website and members Facebook group for updates.

Southampton Climbing Club Multiwall Competition 2022 Flyer image

Although it was a couple of months ago now, I can’t not mention the huge success of our first ever multi-wall climbing competition. As well as being great fun for members & non-members alike, this also raised £235 in voluntary contributions, which went to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. Many thanks to everyone who took part and congratulations to our winners Lucy (Female 18+), Neil (Male 18+), Abbey (13-17 Female) and Zavi (13-17 male).

I am happy to announce this comp will run again next Spring, so keep tuned for dates. Huge thanks also to our Social Secretaries Sarah and Sophie for organising this excellent event, and to all the walls who supported us - Boulder Shack, Calshot, Golden Gekko, Parthian and Red Spider, you all set some great routes!

In committee news, unfortunately Matt has decided to step down as Meet Coordinator due to other commitments; I am sure you will all join us in saying a big thank you for all his hard work over the past couple of years!

In his stead, Jo will be doubling up on her Gear Sec role and taking over as interim Meet Coordinator, so she is the new point of contact for meet-related business. Thank you, Jo, for volunteering for this busy but exciting role!

If you want to take the bull by the horns and find out about arranging your own meet, get in touch with Jo to discuss your next moves. We've been working behind the scenes to figure out how to make the process of member-organised meets run smoothly, so keep your eyes peeled for further updates on that too.

Have a great summer everyone, hope to see you at the crag soon!


SCC President

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