SCC Photo Competition 2021

For the keen-eyed snappers and shooters in our ranks we had a fun photo competition at our 2021 AGM and were both blown away and entertained by the breadth of entries we got from around the club.

So rather than just dropping the occasional photo in an event page or post, we thought we'd take the chance to show off a selection of the entries here in a dedicated post for all to enjoy!

These aren't all super recent photos, but given we haven't done one of these in a few years the criteria were left pretty wide open this time around. They are, however, all from some epic SCC meets and events we've had over the last couple of years. So hopefully they jog some memories for some of our members, and offer a little glimpse of some of the stuff we get up to for anyone thinking of joining.

Thanks to everyone who entered! If you want to feature in next year's gallery, make sure you join us on our adventures in 2022 🙂

Legal notice: All images used with permission, copyright retained by the original creator and all rights reserved

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