Training Videos

On this page you'll find links to training videos and material we think might be useful as refreshers or as you progress in your climbing.

Many of these were recorded as part of our regular online training events during the Covid-19 lockdown, with instruction/information from Tim Miller (MIA & Head Coach @ Boulder Shack).

These videos are currently hosted on Facebook and accessible to members after joining our members-only Facebook group. If you're a member of the club without access to Facebook, or have issues accessing the videos linked here, please contact the committee.

As always, we're really keen as a club to hear your feedback - feel free to let us know if there's topics here you really like, or others that you'd like us to cover in person/online in the future. You can always post on the club Facebook group to ask others in the club if these videos spark additional questions you'd like to discuss.

Happy watching 🙂

Hanging Belays

Post Lockdown Routes

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