What to bring to a Trad meet

So, you’re coming on your first trad meet with SCC - brilliant!

But what to bring? 

There’s so much exciting shiny climbing gear to buy, but it’s good to start with the basics. Here’s a handy list of a few things we would recommend. You can get these from any decent climbing shop - see the attached links, and also The Climbers Shop, Rock & Run, Cotswold Outdoor (where you get BMC discount)

Stuff you always need:

  • Harness, shoes, chalk, helmet
  • Good-sized rucksack (e.g. 35 litres) - for your stuff, and to share out carrying all the gear

Belay device - one with two slots as two ropes are usually needed for trad (so a Grigri-type device isn’t suitable). See here for more info and options: Needlesports - belay device

Sensible stuff for a long day out, in any weather, with potentially lots of walking

  • E.g. Good shoes, lots of layers, windproofs, sun cream, water, food etc

New shiny stuff:

  • Nut key for getting trad gear out - one with elastic is great so you don’t drop it
  • A couple of 120cm slings to anchor yourself to the rock
  • A couple of screwgate karabiners to go with your slings
  • 2 x 1.5 metres of 5-6mm accessory cord (this needs to be from a climbing shop) for making prusiks (we use these for lots of reasons including making abseiling safer)

We have plenty of training courses for you to learn the right skills; and your climbing partner for the day will also share their wisdom and maintain safety. By buying your own starter-kit you will get to learn straight away and start collecting shiny new gear!